Accelerating discoveries together

The discoveries made at the ACMD will help to stem the tide of rising health costs, generate new jobs in advanced manufacturing, and enable Australians to live longer, more productive lives. 

From restoring sight to the blind, to limb repair and regeneration, biomedicine has the potential to heal and treat illness in ways that have never been possible before. The ACMD will enable this pioneering work to happen faster and more effectively, bringing about new treatments for chronic disease sooner, to the benefit of more Australians. 

The ACMD partners will bring a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach that will better translate research into commercial ventures and equip Australia to tackle national health priorities and improve lives.

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The ACMD aims to alleviate the effects of chronic disease and provide Victorians with an improved quality of life through the development of clinical bionic devices.

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Students will be able to undertake joint programs which develop new skills and a better understanding of medical, bioengineering, biomedical, and engineering issues as they apply to health problems.

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Hi-tech research capabilities will lead to the creation of new biomedical engineering industries, with every device discovered resulting in a new company or the expansion of an existing company.

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The ACMD provides a strong foundation for future policy development on next-generation biomedical engineering industries.

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Enabling more development in research & development


Current weaknesses in Victoria's bioengineering research and education approach

  1. Traditional silo-based research fails to capitalise on cross-disciplinary integration and collaboration.
  2. Research and education barriers block our ability to address clinical problems and develop real, tangible solutions.
  3. Chronic disease reduces the quality of life and productivity of many individuals.

Why is now the right time for the ACMD?

Despite Victoria's long-enjoyed reputation for biomedical engineering innovation and excellence, our national and international competitors have gained considerable strength. 

A window of opportunity exists to maximise the impact of the ACMD on the biomedical engineering landscape. It is critical that we develop the ACMD now.

What are the benefits of a centre like ACMD?

  1. The creation of a highly-skilled workforce, new jobs and industries.
  2. Reduced healthcare costs.
  3. Longer, more productive and healthy lives.

How will the ACMD work?

The ACMD is based on a model that enables collaboration among traditionally competitive institutions. It will facilitate creative cross-disciplinary integration with an emphasis on bioengineering and enable technical ‘hands on’ training by expanding the clinical training model.

ACMD Video

See how the ACMD will bring leading clinicians, scientists and students in a unique environment to accelerate new discoveries to heal future generations and bring medical discoveries to life. 

*Please note, any ACMD building images on this website are representative only, and not the final building designs.