ACMD: Enabling more "D" in R&D

The ACMD is purposefully designed to enable more development ("D") in research and development (R&D).

From restoring sight to the blind, to limb repair and regeneration, healthtech has the potential to treat and prevent illness, manage medical conditions, and foster well being in ways that have never been possible before. The ACMD and its partners will bring a multidisciplinary, cross-entity, global approach that will better translate research into commercial ventures and equip Australia to tackle national health priorities and improve lives. The ACMD HealthTech Innovation Hub will enable this pioneering work to happen faster and more effectively.

Our Mission

1. Stimulate and enable multidisciplinary, cross-entity projects (within purposefully selected “themes” of focus) that can significantly improve patient outcomes, and health system value

2. Catalyze “faster, better, cheaper” creation of investment ready healthtech startups



Connecting clinicians, hospital staff, patients and their carers with researchers, engineers, and technologists to develop new medical solutions that not only improve patient outcomes and quality of life, but also brings better value to the healthcare system.

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Students will be able to undertake joint programs which develop new skills and a better understanding of medical, bioengineering, biomedical, and engineering issues as they apply to health problems.

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State-of-the-art translational research capabilities and expertise with exposure to the hospital environment will enable the development of fit-for-purpose medical solutions.

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The ACMD strongly aligns with policies and strategies for healthcare, innovation, education, and economic development.

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ACMD's Impact


ACMD Video

See how the ACMD will bring leading clinicians, scientists and students in a unique environment to accelerate new discoveries to heal future generations and bring medical discoveries to life. 

*Please note, any ACMD building images on this website are representative only, and not the final building designs.