The unique learning and teaching environment of the ACMD will foster a culture of innovation – ‘bedside to bench to bedside’ – that brings together leading clinicians and scientists to solve clinical problems.

We will bring together skills in medicine, medical research, nursing, allied health, biomedical engineering (tissues, drug design, and bionic devices), engineering (electronic, electrical, material and software), biotechnical platforms and education.

The ACMD will provide the facilities required to bring together and expose partners to the clinical environment in a way that is not currently available at any other clinical research campus in Australia.

In the first five years, the ACMD will focus on the following biomedical engineering projects that have been identified as a high priority:

  • Improved prostheses for vision and hearing loss
  • Limb, joint and tissue regeneration and repair for patients affected by trauma, osteoarthritis or cancer
  • Intelligent bionic implantable devices (e.g. to control nerve and spinal injuries, epilepsy, depression and anxiety) 
  • New cell therapies to treat diabetes without insulin injections
  • Prosthesis and reconstruction for mastectomy patients
  • Heart and other organ tissue reengineering 
  • Cross-disciplinary approach to discover new pharmaceuticals for cancer and dementia.