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There are significant opportunities to be grasped in new technological and engineering developments, as well as the convergence between medicine and engineering. A window of opportunity exists to maximise the impact of the ACMD on the biomedical engineering landscape. It is critical that we develop the ACMD now to prevent:

  • Loss of market position and competitiveness in this burgeoning billion dollar market resulting from delays in product commercialisation
  • Loss of a substantial cohort of tertiary students newly open to new therapies and new ways of providing clinical care
  • Permanent loss of valuable intellectual property and resultant loss of employment opportunities
  • Loss of momentum on the leading-edge application of technologies currently being developed for neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery
  • Delays in bringing forward new clinical therapies that could make a substantial difference in the management of major chronic diseases
  • Loss of the collaborations and commitments required to deliver the cross-disciplinary research and training outcomes