ACMD response to the McKeon review


We believe that the ACMD, as a project already in the advanced stages of development in one of Melbourne’s most prominent city gateways, could act as a model for future integrated health research centres across the country, acting as a forerunner to the establishment of 10-20 centres as recommended in the McKeon paper.

The ACMD project is in direct alignment with the key pillar of the McKeon framework, as detailed in theme one of the paper, to Embed Research in the Health System. The proposed Centre is to be located on site at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and has many of the tenets of the Integrated Health Research centres.

Epilepsy Control

Principal Investigator - Prof Mark Cook, Chair of Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne)

A new way of terminating epileptic seizures with electrical simulation is on the cusp of human trials.

Seizures are detected and and a small stimulus is applied directly to the brain to interrupt this activity.

Approximately one per cent of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy and of these, 30-40 per cent have uncontrolled seizures despite medications. The majority of these medically refractory patients are unsuitable for surgery, the end result being a large, unmet need for alternative therapies.

People who are unable to control their seizures experience a drop in quality of life, often self-limiting their activities and social interactions, and there is an enormous financial cost of ongoing medical treatments and hospitalisations.

The ACMD research has the potential to provide seizure freedom and quality of life to millions of patients worldwide.