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ACMD Challenge Seminar - Mental health
Technological Opportunities for Integrated Care and the Prevention of Youth Suicide
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Mental health is a major challenge today, with almost 40 per cent of young people reporting mental health problems. 

Alarmingly, suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians.Technology offers us opportunities to engage and manage these problems as a society.Our fourth ACMD Challenge seminar is focused on suicide prevention among young people, setting the scene for our Workshop which aims to identify pathways to technical solutions that could complement patient care and help identify and strengthen mental health support for those at risk of suicide.

Challenge Seminar Speakers

  • Dr Patrick O’Brien, a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne
  • Kate Lester, a Peer Support Project Worker for NEXUS at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, and a Peer Support Worker with the HOPE team
  • Molly O’Neill, a consumer worker with lived experience of chronic suicidal ideation.

Date: Wednesday 23 August 2023

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

“This challenge series aims to identify pathways to technical solutions that could complement patient care and help identify and strengthen mental health support for those at risk of suicide”

Dr Patrick O'Brien

Challenge Seminar Speakers

Dr Patrick O’Brien
Dr Patrick O'Brien is head of neuropsychiatry at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.  He works in the neurology service at St Vincent's where his main role is in the assessment and management of psychiatric and cognitive problems associated with neurological diseases.  His technical background is in physics and engineering, and  his research interests have been in applying these disciplines to neuroscience to better understand problems such as how seizures spread, and how brain function is altered in functional neurological disorders.
Kate Lester
Kate Lester is a compassionate and dedicated individual, committed to making a positive impact in the mental health field. As a Carer Peer Support Worker for the HOPE team, Kate plays a vital role in suicide prevention by providing valuable support to individuals and families affected by mental health challenges. Her lived experience as a caregiver lends a unique perspective, enabling her to empathise with others and offer a safe space for sharing their struggles. Additionally, Kate serves as a Peer Project Worker for Nexus, a leading dual diagnosis consultation service. In this capacity, she utilises her own journey of overcoming dual diagnosis to inspire and guide individuals facing similar challenges. Kate's expertise in navigating the complexities of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders allows her to advocate for comprehensive care and promote holistic recovery.
Molly O’Neill
Molly is a Consumer Worker with lived experience of suicide and has a vast array of experiences spanning from age twelve of service usage including voluntary, involuntary, outpatient, day patient and inpatient care. It is these experiences, alongside the experiences of her family, friends, and clients that she brings to the discussion. Molly is a passionate advocate for lived experience representation, workforce inclusion, human rights and social justice. She is not afraid of hard conversations and believes that as a mental health system we can do better. Over the past five years she has been involved in the consumer workforce and most enjoys mentoring other consumer workers and supporting organisations to improve their current ways of working.
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23 August 2023
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2:30pm – 3:30pm
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Online via zoom

For this Challenge Seminar and Workshop the ACMD acknowledges the support of Safer Care Victoria and the Australian Medtech Manufacturing Centre. This Victorian Government partnership brings together health and industry stakeholders from across the ecosystem to co-design solutions to frontline healthcare challenges, and grow clinician-led innovation that stimulates local manufacturing, procurement, and industry innovation.

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