Our Successful Projects
Cartilage repair project

A pioneering initiative to help combat osteoarthritis.

Crohn’s disease project

A novel device for managing inflammatory bowel disease.

Epilepsy detection project

An implant model designed to monitor brain seizure activity.

Pancreatic cancer implant project

An implant to provide targeted delivery of chemotherapy into the tumour of pancreatic cancer patients.

Glaucoma implant project

A micro-sized implant for glaucoma sufferers to prevent blindness.

3D printed bone project

Revolutionising bone cancer treatment with 3D-printed implants.

Breast cancer Detection Project

Transforming breast cancer screening with artificial intelligence.

Optogenetics project

Enhancing the precision of neural stimulation in bionic devices.

Abdominal pump project

Targeted delivery of medication to the brain via an abdominal pump to treat drug-resistant focal seizures.

Improving gallbladder surgery project

Using artificial intelligence to improve safety in gallbladder surgery.

Anti-microbial biomaterials project

Developing nanoparticles to help prevent antibiotic-resistant infections in implants and wound dressings.

Seamless cartilage repair project

Developing biomaterials for seamless integration in cartilage repair.

Multidimensional biomaterials project

Developing nerve guidance conduits for improved peripheral nerve repair.

3D-printed skin project

A 3D-printed model capable of creating an artificial material to repair lost or damaged skin.

ACMD Programs are designed to support projects throughout their lifecycle
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The pure-science stage – where new ideas are born, and researchers contribute to an increase in knowledge and understanding.

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Laboratory-based research activities address specific problems and explore a wide range of potential approaches towards clinical solutions.

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Targeted projects focused on meeting clear clinical and technical objectives that are compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Clinical Application

This stage begins to explore how the project, method or device can be used to benefit patients.

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This encompasses many different activities, including transfer to commercial entities, spinouts, licensing, manufacturing scale up, and attracting investors and market development specialists.

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